Self-Hypnosis and Zen Meditation


Sometimes nice offers fly by and I don’t take the time to notice.
But this nice FREE offer did get my attention, because I love these MP3’s
My friend Karl Moore of the ZEN 12 meditations ( see here on my website )
made, together with qualified hypnosis professionals more than
200 self-hypnosis MP3
They can transform your life into a way you will love !
It is amazing simple to get more self confidence, the courage of speaking in public;
making relationships; being attractive for a new partner etc etc.
And Hypnosis is nothing to be afraid about. We are hypnotized all day long.
Only we’re not aware of it. I will soon explain more about hypnosis in my Mercedes’Blog.
Thousands and thousands of people have enjoyed them already.
Each in their own way and by chosing their own subject like there are :
* Install selfdiscipline
* Release your Addiction
* speed-up your Metabolism
* create a photographic Memory
and hundreds more. ( 200 plus)

How to Receive your free downloads and test them yourself !

Now you will be able to make also a choice for a FREE MP3 Audio download
( value $ 19.95 ) send to your inbox immediately.
And after that, come back look at the wonderful Zen12
meditation FREE offer on my website here.
I am sure you’re glad I sent you this interesting offer.
Have wonderful moments with those meditations and the fantastic hypnosis audios.

Mercedes Choufoer

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